The Singles
Yellow Halo
The Singles

New Music: Goldfrapp - Yellow Halo

I cannot overstate the impact Goldfrapp have had on my life. I wouldn’t even know where to begin to explain how and why they are, but suffice to know that I love them dearly. What’s funny about the Seventh Tree era is how violently averse to it I was initially. Seriously, just ask Cootime: we were living together when A&E came out and I was a wreck. I could simply not fathom why they decided to go folk. The album now ranks as my 2nd favourite Goldfrapp album, after Felt Mountain (surpassing even the gloriousness that is Black Cherry). I’m a little lukewarm towards Head First, but that can easily being ignored within the context of their discography and b-sides. 

Which brings us to "The Singles". I have mixed feelings about this and I will get into them in a minute. First, let’s look at the tracklisting:

Ooh La La
Number 1 
Strict Machine (Single Mix)
Lovely Head
Utopia (Genetically Enriched)
Happiness (Single Version)
Ride A White Horse (Single Version)
Black Cherry
Yellow Halo
Melancholy Sky

Ok, so it’s hot all bad, but I doubt this is being released for devout Goldfrapp fans. They’re pretty safe singles, in fact, they mostly consist of the singles that charted well in their respective eras. Which makes sense, especially combined with the fact that this is being released out of contractual obligations, as their last release with EMI. The cover however, an amalgam of their previous album covers, is gorgeous and perfect. They’re already hard at work on their next release and the inclusion of two new tracks should be enough to tide me over until then.

We’ve heard a live recording of Melancholy Sky and now we get a full version of Yellow Halo, which is seriously the best thing I’ve woken up to in a very long time. You may also watch an iPhone filmed video of Allison and Will on their trip to South America. It’s a perfect companion piece. The song is a nod to the Seventh Tree era which means you’ll hear no complaints from me. 

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